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At SitePlan UK, we're here to help landowners to unlock land development potential and earn significant income without any risk or inconvenience

The fact is that, right now, there is an acute shortage of housing across the country. As a result, the national planning policy framework now seeks to significantly boost the supply of affordable housing in the UK. This means that councils must now actively demonstrate they have a robust housing strategy and can deliver sufficient home building in their area to meet housing needs.

What does this mean to you as a landowner?

An increased drive for sustainable development presents a significant opportunity for landowners. If you have a suitable site with the potential for development you may be in a prime position to:

  • Generate substantial revenue with a significant uplift in the value of your land once planning approval is in place
  • Provide much needed housing development and employment in the UK

The problem is that the process of applying for greenfield planning permission for residential development is extremely complex. It requires a significant amount of time and demands a huge capital outlay with no guarantee of success.

SitePlan UK has the solution. . .

Put simply, we take all the risk. We fully fund the process and if we fail to secure planning permission for your land you pay nothing. Guaranteed.

As a co-developer, we'll work with you on a joint venture partnership basis. We'll agree a fair value split for your site in advance and we'll only take a return on our investment once planning permission is successfully secured and your land has been sold for development.

The reason that we're able to work this way is that we have complete confidence in the knowledge, experience and evidential insight that we're able to bring together in order to deliver a successful planning outcome every time.

The benefits of working with SitePlan UK at a glance. . .

  • The process is fully funded by us and there is no financial contribution required from you at any point in the application.
  • Significant uplift in the value of your land without you having to take any financial risks.
  • Between them, our team have a wealth of experience across all areas of development including planning and architecture so we've got the know-how to take care of the entire process from start to finish.
  • We take care of the entire land sale process for you. And, because we handle this on a joint venture basis, we have a vested commercial interest in helping you to secure the best price for your land (no option agreements with fixed prices).


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